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"They treat me with respect. When I need a referral they give it to me. I like my caregiver, she treats me with respect"

Melvin, Client

"I like Peaceful Care because they are consistent in caring. They've made me feel safe. They make sure my needs are met. When I called for services, they took the time to get to know me. They are professional and that means a lot to me.

Valerie, Client

"I've been working with PCA agencies since 1993 after surviving a roll-over accident that left me in a coma for 3-months and paralzyed me from the chest down..When my brother told me about Peaceful Care, I had to give it a was one of the staff members of Peaceful Care who had been my PCA for a long time; she worked hard while she was on the clock... Right now, I have good PCAs who are dedicated and when they are asked to do something for me, they do it."

Roger R, Client

"I would most definitely refer a person to Peaceful Care."

Sandra, Family Member

"I would refer any client because of the staff of Peaceful Care. People would be in good hands. The staff are genuine people who goes over and beyond for both clients and staff."

Shemica, Caregiver

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